What is abonman?

What is abonman?

What is abonman? It is a subscription or a standing order, by contracting the two parties for more permanent deliveries of goods or services. Since we are talking about a subscription, it means that the goods or services are paid in advance and since we are talking about renting a car, a subscription refers to paying for a car rental service in advance. Of course, under special conditions because there must be a motive to pay for the service in advance.

Rent A Car subscription is a unique and new offer on the market, provided by Autorent! You are probably familiar with some other subscriptions, in other activities. E.g:

  • theater subscription - you pay in advance for the entire theater season
  • subscription for football matches - you pay in advance tickets for the entire football season of your favorite club
  • mobile phone subscription - you pay in advance to the mobile operator for minutes of calls and internet traffic that you will use in the future

To summarize - you paid for the service in advance and because of that you got some benefits - lower price, better seats in the audience or similar. You can use the service in person or you can give it to someone if you want to please someone or simply if you are prevented from using the service yourself at a time and place where it is provided and you do not want the service to remain unused. So, this is important - you paid for the service in advance and you do not have the right to cancel, ie you do not have the right to request a refund if you do not use the service for any reason.

Now that we have understood the essence of the subscription, we will explain the rent a car subscription program offered by Autorent.

  • The client pays in advance the amount for the use of the selected group of vehicles, which pays 30 daily rents that can be used once or several times as needed
  • The client chooses the group of vehicles to use. For example, he chooses group A - mini class of economic vehicles, which includes Renault Twingo, Fiat 500, Smart, etc.
  • The client uses any free vehicle from the selected group in the term he chooses

What are the benefits of Autorent subscription program?

  • Discount - daily rents are paid at the price of long-term rent, which is initially much cheaper because it is binding in the long run
  • Economy - the vehicle is used only when there is a need, the number of days is determined by the client
  • Flexibility - you can terminate the rental if necessary without notice and reuse the vehicle when the need arises
  • Variety - you can use a different brand of vehicle from the selected group each time, try out different models

What are the limitations of Autorent subscription program?

  • The amount paid in advance is not refundable due to non-use of the service, for any reason
  • It is not possible to change the agreed group of vehicles for which the subscription has been paid in advance


Who is using Autorent subscription program?

There are people and companies that do not have a car but occasionally need to use it. There are people and companies who have a car but occasionally want to try another model or have a need for a bigger or smaller car than the one they have. There are companies that have their own fleet of cars, but due to the occasional increase in the volume of work, they need to increase the number of cars in the short term.

The Autorent subscription program is intended for them.